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Customer Care

At Leitty Jewelry, our creations are made using good quality materials  with a Leitty touch, making  our      jewelry uniquely hand art work and adapted for women from all walks of life.  

Should customers have any queries, please contact Leitty Jewels via the email displayed in this section

Leitty Jewels remains available to meet your needs.

Privacy & Safety

Privacy & Safety policy section:

At Leitty, we are happy to address any concerns about client privacy.  Some frequently asked  questions, pertaining to these topics can be found below.  You can be sure that Leitty website constantly strives to adhere to best practices and uphold all U.K national laws and current legislation.

SECTION 1- What are my Rights ?

You are entitled to be informed about your personal information we use.  This can be sent upon request through a procedure called a registry extract. 

You have the right  to withdraw your consent at any time  with regard to the methods in which we process your personal data based on the consent that you provided.  You may be able to request  the deletion or blocking of your personal data in certain circumstances.  However,  this does not apply if we are compelled by law to  do something like process or store personal information or should we need the information to carry out  a contact with you.  You also have the right to object to certain processing, such as newsletters and direct marketing .

SECTION 2 - What private information might be requested of me ?

On our website we offer a feature through which visitors can ask for details on a specific item.  For example, finding out  the current costs or whether an item can be obtained in a different standard. 

Therefore, your name, email address and postal address will be required for this procedure. This is in order to individually contact you and provide you with relevant information. Despite all efforts to provide a secure and safe email submission process, users nevertheless, do so at their own risk.

Your personal information will be treated confidentially in accordance with the ( Data Protection Act 1998). Your details will not be shared on to third parties.

If you expressly allow us to use your data to subscribe to emails or newsletters operated by our website, our services are designed to provide you with the information you would like to receive and to allow you to opt out of subscriptions at any time. 

SECTION 3 - With who can Leitty share your data with?

We may provide data such as, personal data to various recipients in order to provide the services required.  We will not sell your information to third parties without your consent.

Potential recipients of your information are:

Delivery company

In order to fulfill the purposes of processing your personal data, we share your personal data with

companies that provide services to us.  For example, to process the shipment and delivery of your products.  These companies may only process your personal data in accordance with our express instructions and may not use your data for any other purpose.

Payment Service Gateways

Our website use a diversity of payment services to manage payments through the Website. Payment gateways have different terms that apply to them. Furthermore, they are responsible for the handling  of your personal data.  The Payment service  terms and information pertaining to handling your personal data will be found on the website when you select the  payment gateways .

The transmission of sensitive payment information (such as a credit card number) through the designated purchase forms is protected by an industry standard SSL/TLS encrypted connection and a PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) certification is regularly maintain.

SECTION 4 - Disclosure


We may disclose your personal data if we are compelled by law to do so or if you violate our Terms of Service. 

SECTION 5 - Interaction on social media with our page 

It is possible that you have come  across  on some social media platforms. These websites may use social sharing icons that stream web content directly from our website to the social media platform accordingly.

We encourage users to exercise caution when interacting with social media platforms.  Any notice or action taken is subject to the privacy policy of each social media platform accordingly.  If you would like to discuss personal matters involving sensitive materials, please contact us directly via email at as appropriate.

If you have any further concerns or questions about this policy, please feel free to contact us.  We will do our best to help you.

SECTION 6 - Google Analytics 

Google collects information for analytics and advertising purposes.  For more information about what data, cookies collect and how google uses it, please visit the following link: Google privacy and terms

You can change how cookies are collected.


Payment Methods

Terms of Service 

1. Our Contract


1.1 Orders and purchases of goods from Leitty Jewelry via our website or other means permitted by us are subject to these Terms and Conditions and are subject to our acceptance in delivering of the products to our customers. In doing so, a legally binding contract between both parties will be considered.

1.2 Processing of payments and confirmation of orders does not constitute acceptance of legally valid orders.

2. Availability

2.1 All items are subject to availability.  At Leitty, we strive to maintain sufficient inventory to fulfill all orders and purchases, however, as all jewelry is hand artwork, there may be delays in inventory delivery.

Items are paid for prior to be  shipped or delivered to our customers. We will use the details you have provided to ask how you would like to proceed. 

3. Ordering 

3.1 Our website allows you to order the products we sell by clicking on the item you wish to purchase and then following the on-screen instructions. Until you place your order, you can review and correct any order entry errors by clicking the Checkout button on the specific checkout page.

3.2 All orders placed by you and purchases of products from us are subject to our acceptance (as described in the Section 1.1). 

3.3 If we accept your order, we are legally obligated to deliver the products in compliance with these terms.


4. Liability

4.1 These Terms and Conditions are not meant to have an effect on your criminal rights.  Neither it is meant to exclude or restriction our legal responsibility to you for fraud, fraudulent misrepresentation, for demise or private harm due to our negligence or for another legal responsibility which cannot be constrained or excluded as a count of relevant law.

4.2 We shall have no legal responsibility to you  for an impede or non-fulfilment in deliver or shipping or for any harm or illness to items furnished or for every other legal responsibility, in case this is due to an occasion or condition past our affordable control (counting, not limited, Government restrictions,  telecommunications networks default, civil commotion, riots, industrial actions,  inefficacy to apply shipping networks, natural disaster, earthquake, storm,  accidents, explosion, fire,  intense climate conditions, flood, war, lockouts, different business disputes, and imposition or imports / exports regulations )

5. Payment and Charges


5.1 Prices quoted are in U.K. Sterling currency, however, prices for other currencies are available upon request. The charge payable for the products you order or buy is as displayed on our internet site at the time your order is posted, in addition to transport expenses. 

5.2 When using  a debit/credit card to pay on your order, you verify that the cardboard getting used is yours or which you are approved to apply it. When using PayPal you affirm that the account PayPal getting used is yours.


5.3 All transactions, order and purchase of products, must be fully paid prior to shipping, including relevant fees for shipping.

5.4 We endorse which you do not discuss your debit/credit card details, as well as your PayPal password to no-one, which includes us. Subject to Section 4.1, any losses you may incur while transmitting  data to us through net hyperlink or through email, we will not be liable for any losses incurred.  Any such loss will be your sole responsibility. 

5.5 Some cardboard company or financial institution do apply charges when the holder of the cardboard makes order. Nevertheless, we are not responsible for the bank or cardboard provider charging you due to our processing of your debit/credit card. 

5.6 All debit/credit card holders are issue to validation assessment and authorisation through the cardboard company.  As well as PayPal price  being subject to authorisation through PayPal company. it might happen that the PayPal and/or the cardboard provider declines the processing of the debit/credit card, therefore, we will no longer be able to accept your order or purchase. Consequently, we then are not obliged to tell you the cause for the refusal, and we then are not liable for the item not being shipped or furnished to you.

5.7 Sometimes, mistakes may also arise and products can be both incorrectly priced or described, wherein case we can now no longer be obliged to deliver the products at the wrong charge or according with the wrong description anyhow. We reserve the proper to correct any mistakes at times.  At our discretion, we will both cancel your order and refund the charge you have already paid or use affordable endeavours to be in touch with you and ask whether or not you want to keep with the order at an appropriate charge and/or accurate description. In the incapacity to get in touch with you, otherwise you do no longer want to proceed with the order at an appropriate price and/or description, the  order will be declare null and void.  Nonetheless, any amount paid will be refunded.

6. International Customers

6.1 Worldwide customers can be issue to import duties, costs and taxes which can be levied after a cargo reaches their country.  If a cargo is rejected due to customs clearance expenses or refusal to simply accept delivery, the consumer will be responsible for any costs incurred, together with worldwide cargo and handling.

Payment Methods

  • Credit / Debit Cards


  • Online Payments                                                       

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